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You help me a lot! You have no idea! I'll be forever grateful for what you done to me, since we started talked i feel that I can control more my emotions and everything and I'm feeling really happy about life now days! Thanks to you, the best life coach
I've never felt this good in years... !
Paulo Moraes
San Francisco, USA
Ohh thank you!! I'm really happy too, things are finally working out for me! You are going to be bigger than Tony Robbins
Again thank you so much for everything!
I wouldn't be able to be at this place if you didn't help me
thank you Anna maybe the first time in my life I start to make plans. now i realized that i have superpower thanks to you :D
now i believe myself i can do what i want!
Antalya, Turkey
I'm enjoying the marathon,I'm witnessing tens of positive changes in all aspects in my life,I hope you are too.
Blessings Anna.
Thanks a lot to make me a part of this amazing Goal Marathon. I feel awesome after trying to complete task. Such as, i can't done all task but i done 97% task.
Thanks @amarkarova and Thanks to all friends
Vishu Lunar
Goal marathon effect. Thanks to the goals marathon, I can already check outbound first accomplished goals- Leaving home and rent a student room. :) that's a great start only another 98 goals to go; but the first accomplished two are major goals already
Thank you very much because I really switched up my mindset, and have a much more positive attitude towards life :) The power of manifestation is really strong
GOAL MARATHON WORKS FOREVER ONCE YOU MADE IT! It works with the roots, with your mindset
Also this week, was really helpful for me. Because it made my schedule and life itself more structured and disciplined. And that used to be my weakness. I feel more positive. I now believe more in myself that I will make things happen in my life. Now I have new goals and dreams.
And I want to thank you Anna for this, but also this group chat full of positive people from around the world. It's been a pleasure! Seeing how you all have been working on the goal marathon makes me inspired and happy!
Biliana Ivanova
The goal marathon helps to change your mindset and with this changed mindset will bring way closer to the goals than you were before.
Thanks for this opportunity! I really feel like a new person with these new habits.
Morning water, contrast shower, gratitude (I also practice Vishen Lakhiani's 6-phase meditation ... there is compassion and love, gratitude and forgiveness).
Writing my goals like that was really intense.
Thank you very much!!, and it will be a pleasure take a challenge again with you😉
David Varela
Thanks a lot Anna,its been an amazing week;actually one of my best,and I hope for everyone else too.
I've had a positive impact already.
I own an elementary school here in Africa,I've been able to accomplish a lot I'm regard to my school development!!.( grants for renovation,many customers have been contacting me of recent,and many more).
I've learned to live with a more positive mindset than before.
Its my wish that one day,I get to meet some/everyone on this platformor invite you to come over for a safari and enjoy wildlife and beautiful nature in Africa.
I love you all and wish you the best Family.
Silver Veps
Babati, Tanzania
I can say you had and still have a big impact on my life and in the way I'm living my life. You really inspire me a lot and remember how everybody was listening to you last time we met in the penthouse in Antwerp? It was not only your valuable knowledge that made people listen to you. IT WAS YOUR ENERGY, WHAT YOU WERE VIBRATING!!!
I'm myself an entrepreneur and have met a lot of amazing people in my business but you're definitely something else! and the fact that you have achieved that all by yourself is really impressive A
I have been more focused and aligned with my higher goals since the marathon it made me feel good to be connected with different people who also have the will to live a better life and everything was really helpful to apply to raise my productivity
Guys everyone should join this goal marathon!
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