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I have prepared a very concrete and a useful plan describing how to set up and achieve your goals the most efficiently. I have collected information from different coaches, speakers and mentors (Frank Pucelik, learned from Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, John Kehoe, Bodo Schafer, Maxim Temchenko, Robert Allenmentors, books, trainings and based on my own experience. I share only those things which worked for me. At the previous post I told you WHY it's so important to set up the goals, so today I am gonna tell HOW to do it more efficiently.

Here we go:
The plan contains 10 steps:
Wheel of life.
1. Visualization - go for a walk, the best option to do it at nature and imagine your life in 2-3 years. It will help you to create a clear vision of your future. Answer yourself following question: where will I live? What country, what city, what house? What car will I drive? Who is surrounding me, what kind of people? What do I do? How do I make money? How much do I make? How do I look like (fit, strong)? How do I dress? What do I feel? What qualities do I have? What emotions to experience, what qualities and skills to possess, and so on. Let yourself dream as you used to do back in time when you where a kid. Recall your childhood dreams, they are the strongest!

2. Write down and make a list of everything you have seen. Add all your dreams, wants, needs from the smallest to the greatest things. Take a look to the "wheel of life". You can base the dreams on this spheres. Make at least 100 goals! It will train your brain a lot! Let yourself dream fully! Use Present perfect form for your list, write the goals like they have already came true (ex: I have made this, I have done that).
3. After you have done a list of goals - make them all concrete! Concrete size, color, model, place and other parameters. (take a look to the S.M.A.R.T goals) it will help you to formulate your goals better.

4. Set up a deadlines for each goal! Adequate, accurate, acceptable, real. If you set impossible deadlines for achieving your goals, it will only demotivate. Set up reachable deadlines.

S.M.A.R.T goals
How to stop wasting time and start living a dream life:
5. Calculate the price of each measurable goal. Make a research to find out the exact prices. Then calculate the total amount of the money you need for YOUR DREAM. How much does yout dream life costs?
Let yourself to have all this things you have in your list. YOU DESERVE IT! You should always keep this number in mind, even if its 12 digits number. Remember: Money is not a goal, they don't come for nothing, they only come FOR something, for a specific purposes, for your plan! Don't worry and don't think about HOW will you earn it, just keep it in mind and the solution will come at the right time. You will get all the answers at the right moment!

6. Find the pictures online matching your list. (for example a photo of the car of exact model, with the interior design you dream about or a photo of the house you want to have - follow your concrete list of goals you have made at #3. The pictures have to be a really good, great quality and the big format. Save them to the speacil folder "MyDreamLife".

7. Create a poster of your dreams! Make a collage of all the pictures you have saved at prev point. Print the poster out at the center and make it big, at least 1 * 2 meters(3*6 ft)! Hang it to the most viewed place in your room, look at it every morning while exercising, during the day, before you go to sleep!
"Money is not a final goal, they don't come for nothing, they only come FOR something, for specific purposes, for your plan!"
© Anna Markarova
8. The list is done! We can finally proceed to the most important part! After you have already decided what do you exactly want, when, and clearly understand the cost of it - Work on your list (there may be 100 goals) the main tool for working with goals is PLANNING! For each GOAL you need to create TASKS, distribute them by months, according to each TASK set up EVENTS (calls, meetings, concrete actions) within each week.
At the end you get a very clear step by step plan for achieving your goals. Scheduled week, where every single accomplished TASK brings you closer to your goal! Impossible not to reach the goal living this way!

9. Every 6 months check your goals is they are still actual for your life. Don't be afraid to change them. Maybe during the process you realize that you don't need something, or it's just not important to you anymore. Maybe you would like to add something new! Feel free to change it ;)

10. Remember, if your goals are really yours, and you were awake choosing them then you will experience happiness along the way, the goal will motivate you with it's approach. Do not be afraid to change your goal if you feel that you are going against yourself, if you feel that this is not what you want to do. Observe your feelings, they tell us the hints. It doesn't mean you need to give up at the first difficulty. If the goal is yours you must to turn on your strength, power, your will, be patient and try until you get it! Try as much as you can, try different methods, ask those who have already achieved your kind of goal, prove that you really need it and you will get it! There are miracles, believe in your dreams and they will come true!

I know, Its not easy to make this all, it takes time, up to 2 days. But in compare to whole life 2 days of your focus is nothing, the dream worth it! I know only few of you will really do it, but it's a law, very few people get successful and reach their goals. Good luck!
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