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Just talked to a client who has a dream to open a vet clinic, but has a fear to open it, because he thinks, that if he does that, the vet doctors he hires will take all the customers and open their own clinic. This is a very good example that represents, how much overthinking can slow down our growth.

Just imagine, the problem he is wondering about may or may not appear at the stage where he already 1. Saved up money for opening the clinic, 2. Learned how this business system works, 3. Rented a space, 4. Did repair, 5. Registered and launched the business, 6. Hired people, 7. Did marketing, 8. Got customers and THEN when 9. One of his doctors got enough clients he might take the clients and leave... because of the fear at THIS stage he refuses to take all the previous actions, because this block is so strong it won't even let you start and believe that you can do it.

If you are heaving a fear that someone is going to steal your idea or start doing the business you do — don't be scared! People can't even start working on their own ideas, they fail in their mind before even starting doing it. Fear is the biggest killer of a business.

Even if the doctor opens his own clinic then what? Just another competitor, but to get to that level it will probably take him many years. He is a doctor, not a businessman! There are no non-replaceable employees. Even if he spends years and manages to open in front of your office — it's just another reason for you to provide a better service and better quality for your customers, so they always choose you!

You would think my client is weird, but he is not. All of us are having those long term fears, which we are not even conscious about ourselves and it only appears during coach sessions. You are lucky if you have a very attentive mentor who can pull out many of your blocks, which are holding you back from your success.
"Successful people invest time, energy, and money in IMPROVING themselves: visit seminars, have a coach, network! INVEST IN YOURSELF to become great at something"
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It's important to realize how many of our fears are virtual. Fear is just a forecast of the future that you yourself attach significance to, and this significance gives you the emotion of fear. For example: my company will close, everyone will turn away from me, all doors will close in front of me, my wife will leave me, and other social drama — "it is the end!".

Being aware, that this is just your imagination, gives you the opportunity to look at it from the other side. So what if the company closes? Were there any other people who closed companies, and then they became successful? Have there been such cases in history? Of course, Yes! So this isn't the END! Abstract from your fear. This is just a mental exercise. Take fear, and instead of living in it, analyze it. And let it go!
Successful people INVEST time, energy, and money in IMPROVING themselves: visit seminars, have a coach, network! INVEST IN YOURSELF to become great at something.

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