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Anna Markarova

Content Creator, Author, Traveler
Performance Coach (Mentorship)
• Inspire, empower, coach, and motivate the teams;
• Team leading
• Coaching individuals to curate and create their lives both personally and professionally.
• Building the right successful habits
• Goal setting
• Lifestyle coaching
• Time managment skills
The founder of a startup in eSports
Co-Founder of Real Estate Commercial Property Agency
Assistant - interpreter for the head coach of the youth team of Real Madrid FC Clinic
Information Security Engineer
Kaspersky Lab
CTF (Capture the flag) Team "ESPACIO"
CTF - Hacker's competitoins. Captain and founder of Espacio Team


NLP practicioner certified by META International California, accreditated by Frank Pucelik - founder of NLP
I learned from the founder of NLP.
Frank Pucelik - business-trainer of international renown, he is on the list of Top-100 US business-trainers (according to Organizational Development Institute of USA), one of the three founders of neuro-linguistic programming!

- NLP allows us to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.
- eliminate limiting beliefs and decisions that hold you back from achieving our goals;
- instill the natural behaviors, feelings and beliefs that make your goals accessible;

Financial courses - Millionaire's club
Multiple streams of income
Start Up's
Business strategies
Passive income
Financial IQ

Innopolis University, Innopolis
Bachelor of Computer Science, Information Security
Kaplan International School - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Kuban State Technological University
Information Security
UPC. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech. Barcelona, Spain
English, Russian, Spanish
Audit of information security in the Russian banking sphere
Captain and founder of the CTF(Capture the flag) Team "ESPACIO"
Professional Swimmer
(CMM backstroke 50m., 100m.)
Track and field champion
Long distances (1000 meters, 5000 meters).


— Energy and passion for helping others achieve their personal goals;
— Ability to motivate, inspire and lead people to the best version of themselvs;
— Conflict management skills and ability to maintain workplace structure;
— Dynamic problem-solving skills and tactics;
— Eager to explore and learn in a fast paced environment;
— Ambitious attitude and diligence to undertake new complex tasks;
— Strong time management and financial skills;
— Strong analytical, planning and organizational skills and practical application;
— Active lifestyle and drive for mental and physical improvement.
Hi, thank you for visiting my website! My name is Anna Markarova, I grew up in Siberia, a small town at the end of the world, with a lot of snow, white nights, and auroras.

At the age of 16, I left my parents to live and study alone in Spain without knowing the language.
I travel around the world. I am happy every day and living my dream life. I know that everybody can achieve it!
I made the first million risking the last 50,000.
I spent 10 years and all my savings on my education, experience, knowledge, courses, and the best mentors. I created The Goal Marathon program and put there all the best for you!
read more on Instagram #annamarkarova_lifestory
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