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Choose your destination wisely
I wanted to start with this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, for today's topic.

Ask yourself what values are needed to create your ultimate destiny and live your best life?

Pay attention and look inward, what would you need to become the best person you can be. Choose your values and prioritize them. This is the heart of profound change and personal transformation.
Our values from the foundation of our lives. They determine the decisions we make and the directions our lives take.

Changing your values changes everything
By changing the way you think and feel, has an impact on every area of your life.
To live your dream life you have to consciously choose your values, and prioritize them.
Let me assist you on how to do it!
Ask yourself the following questions and do this little three step task right here, and right now!

This is the technique that will help you determine your core life values. By engaging in this exercise, you'll hopefully help you understand how you've been living your life up until now, and you'll realize what you need to do in order to create the life of your dreams. I encourage you to take out a pen and paper. Put yourself in a distraction-free environment, and spend some time reflecting on your values.

STEP 1 Take some time to reflect on your current values, and rank them from the most important to the least. Find out ten most important values for you. Underneath you find a list of possible values.
⦁ Good health
⦁ Love
⦁ Intelligence
⦁ happiness
⦁ Loyalty
⦁ Honesty
⦁ Passion
⦁ Gratefulness
⦁ Making a difference
⦁ Personal development
⦁ Success
⦁ Safety
⦁ Comfort
⦁ Family
⦁ Friends
⦁ Wealth
⦁ Popularity
⦁ Travelling

STEP 2 Ask yourself a new question, 'what do my values need to be in order to achieve the life I desire and deserve?' Reconstruct the list. Put the values in a new order. See which values you might get rid off, and which values you might add in order to create the quality of life you truly want. The values you choose now, should be useful to achieve your goals in the near future. Own your values. Shape your destiny.
Prioritize your values the way it will help you to accomplish your current goals. The priority may range between two years and five years. Choose the best one for achieving your goals at this moment.

STEP 3 Compare your first list to your second.
The point of the exercise is to realize that you are probably living somebody else's values whether it's your parents', your friends', or society's.
Don't be a sailboat!

Imagine you are the ship with a sail. You are in the middle of the deep and endless ocean, where the ocean is every single opportunity that exists in the world. All the goals that exist in the universe, some of them are yours, some of somebody else's. There are some things that you like, or some things that you don't like. Things that you like but others don't.
Let's imagine you didn't choose what you want, that you didn't sail towards the direction of your ship. So the ship doesn't know where to go, it doesn't know where it's heading to. Where would the ship go? It'll be slowly and randomly moving to the side where the wind blows. Then you arrive at an unwanted destination. You've moored your ship to someone else's coast. A place where you don't fit in, and don't feel happy.

Don't blame the wind, or the flow of the water. Don't even blame the ship for it. Blame yourself, because you're the one who's the captain of the ship. You're responsible for the path, and the destination you're sailing to. You're the one in charge of the steering wheel.
Don't be a sailboat! Be the captain who is navigating the ship with its engine. Be a good captain of your ship, take care of the ship. Go wherever you want, make your dreams come true no matter how hard the wind blows you to another direction.

I am currently writing a book about setting up goals correctly, and finding your path, so you learn how to start living your dream. Every action you take, will bring you closer to your destination!
Tell me what your values are after doing this exercise with me. Write it in my comment section or on my social media.
See you next time!
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