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How To Get Rid Of Toxic People In Your Life
6 Simple Steps To Remove Toxic People From Your Life Without Feeling Guilty The people you are surrounded with are very important for your success, mental health, and productivity. You are the average of five people you spend the most time with. So if you hang out with the wrong people, you can't achieve great results because they're going to drain your energy and pull you back. They can't or don't want to grow, and that's why they won't let anyone else grow. They bother you with their problems and aren't willing to solve them. They just don't do anything other than complain, and you're trying to help them by giving advice. But of course, they keep refusing your help. They are so stuck in their comfort zone that they don't want to change anything about their lives or themselves.

The people we surround ourselves with are the biggest influence on our behavior, attitudes, and results.
So surround yourself with people you look up to.

We become like the people that we choose to expose ourselves to. It causes you to accelerate your personal growth in whatever direction you desire by spending time with people who already are who you want to become.
That will affect your behavior and attitude positively. This way helps you to achieve the same success as them. It is more likely that you'll realize the same results in your life.

So ask yourself, who do you spend the most time with? Who are the people you most admire? Are they part of the first group, the people you spend more time with or are they part of the second group? If you realize that those people are part of different groups, follow these six simple steps to get rid of toxic people without feeling guilty about it, because you choose your future and you choose for yourself.

1 Don't be sentimental
Every friendship has its good moments. But don't romanticize your past. Learn to leave the good in the past, where it belongs. Save your emotions and energy for those who deserve it, and work towards building new and better memories!

2 Be honest
Be honest with yourself and with your friend. It's important to communicate your desire to end the friendship, otherwise, it makes you just as toxic as them. This way you pretend to be someone you used to be. You have changed and they didn't and that is okay. It's okay that your surroundings change. Yes, it can hurt, but that's a sign of growth. If your surroundings didn't change for the last couple of years then I have some bad news for you. Be happy to meet new people who are on the same wavelength as you. Those people will help you jump higher!

3 Delete
You need to delete toxic people from your life. You'd ask me why, because any sort of lingering on social media is only going to serve you as a temptation to stalk them. This is only going to make you feel bad. Delete everything from their phone number to their social media accounts. The purpose of this is to make you feel good. They're your past. Don't waste time and energy on them and keep focussing on people who make you a better person. Find new friends, or invest more time in healthy and existing friendships.

4 Don't re-engage
If the toxic friend tries to create drama, don't engage in it. Ignore it. A friend whose natural pattern is to create drama knows how to rope people into their theatre of manipulation. So separate yourself from the melodrama. It's important to walk away firmly, and not get tricked into self-defense. Especially when your toxic friend tries to stir up some negativity.

5 Put yourself first
Don't sacrifice your own happiness and needs for anyone, especially toxic people. In order to cut someone out of your life, you need to put yourself first, for once. Think about what you need and what makes you happy in the long term. "I love you, but I love me more."

6 Respect and love
Give yourself enough respect to walk away from someone who doesn't see your worth. Be grateful for the good memories they gave you, and walk away with a smile on your face. Be excited for the great future that awaits you!

I hope that my advice will make you stay away from people who are unhealthy for you. Don't forget to love yourself more than you love those who were with you throughout the years.
Tell me stories about how your friends lift you up and motivate you in the comment section or on my social media. I am so thrilled to know your story! Much love and thank you for reading until this point!

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