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1. Start with your phone:
— Delete SCREENSHOTS you don't need anymore
— Remove APPs you didn't open for the last 3 months
— Change your WALLPAPER to the one which will motivate you and make you smile
— Delete all unread service MESSAGES, free the space and mind, don't waste your time scrolling to find one you need and focus on the spam they send you. Get rid of it!
— Clean your CONTACT LIST, delete old numbers.
— Organize your EMAIL (if you are one of those people who have 67895 unread mails, delete them all! You will feel so proud of yourself, they will no longer annoy you).
UNSUBSCRIBE from all marketing emails you are not interested in anymore.
— Music — make sure there are PLAYLISTS so you don't need to waste your time scrolling tracks or feeling ashamed when something you don't want others to hear turns on in front of other people.
As you done with your phone move to your:

2. Laptop
Might be lot's of work, but if your whole data is a chaos I have bad news for you... one day if you decide to succeed and achieve new bigger results you'll have to organize that chaos into perfectly structured data.

Order in things order in thoughts!

— Start with your main screen, make things MINIMAL, remain only main things at the first screen.
— Then open each FOLDER, delete old files, pictures.
— Create new folders, organize PICTURES to pictures, DOCUMENTS to documents and so on, you know how it perfectly should be for you!

As you are done with your phone, laptop, make sure other e devices are organized as well — tablets, watches, cameras etc.
"If you decide to succeed one day and to achieve new bigger results you'll have to organize that chaos into perfectly structured data. Order in things order in thoughts!"
© Anna Markarova
3. Wardrobe
— here I would just recommend you to watch some videos of Marie Kondo and follow her advices to organize your clothes and learn the proper way how to get rid of the things you don't need anymore. To learn the joy of tidying up. In fact, just about everyone can appreciate the sense of calm and relief that comes with a newly clean space.

Ask yourself simple questions:
— Does it make me feel happy?
— Did I use it for the last year?
If you got 3 NO's toss it out, sell it or donate to those who need!
Free space in your life for the new things to come!

4. Workspace:
— get yourself storage boxes & containers.
— organize your desk accessories.
— organize everything based on how often you use it.
— manage those wires. (!)
— place a trash can by your desk.

5. Your purse/backpack/bag - wooow guys, I know what you keep in there!!! flip it over and be surprised!

— Put your coupons, receipts and gift cards in a tabbed envelope.
— Commit to tossing any stray receipts, trash or wrappers that may have made it's way into your bag throughout the day, and remove loose change. Do this every night, and your bag will always be organized.
The hardest part of having an organized purse is keeping it that way.

6. Move on and organize everything at the kitchen, bathroom, medication box, old running shoes, old teeth brushes, old magazines, coupons, checks, old cell phones and deal with it in a proper way.

The last I would recommend you to do to get inspired is to watch the documentary "MINIMALISM" on Netflix.

Good luck with freeing more energy for you future goals!
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