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Ninety-nine percent of people want to achieve great results in life, having the dream to become a Hollywood actor, a famous rapper or an Olympic champion. However, some aren't willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true.

The marines have a saying: "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die." And that's so true! The root of every fruition is self-discipline. Take something as simple as brushing your teeth. It isn't about your teeth as much as it's about your mind. It's through your mind's command that you're able to choose your actions that are in your best interest. Control your thoughts, control your words and control your actions. This will help you become the creator of your own reality. You're going to be the creator of the life you want and have always dreamed about.

Exercise to improve self-discipline
There are a lot of self-discipline models, but they all have this in common.
Define the process you want to implement into your life. For example, do exercises in the morning.
If you started exercising, would you feel like you have accomplished the whole process you've planned? Yes. i don't get what she means by this
Which value will satisfy you by accomplishing this action? You can choose some examples from here: it improves your beauty, health, blood flow, flexibility and so on.

Is the importance of values enough to start actually doing it? If you don't see the importance then go back to the beginning of the questionnaire.
There shouldn't be any need to analyze your current state and come up with reasons why you don't want to do something.
How will you launch your process? You can for example set up a reminder on your phone for every morning. You start exercising when the reminder rings up.

Imagine yourself in this situation, tomorrow morning. How do you wake up? What are you doing exactly? You turn off your alarm clock, get up, stretch, exercise and so on.
How do you feel when you finish it? Are you satisfied, proud, happy or energized?

Connect all emotions you felt with your future activity.
What's the main difference between self-discipline and a lack of motivation to be disciplined?
Self-discipline is when a person does something as a routine, almost automatically.

Important conditions of self-discipline:
1.Result oriented, the result is what matters to you
2. It's easy to start doing it
Action is well learnt? Snap ni wa ze bedoelt and effective

I will give you a few examples. Wash your dishes after you eat. Do morning exercise. Pay your bills on time. Stay committed to the things you plan to do. Get up after the first alarm goes off.
Lack of motivation is when you're constantly making assessments of what you don't want to do. It's when you're looking for reasons why you should do it, that you end up not doing it.

In case of self-discipline you take the decision to do something and keep doing it as a routine. Even if a trigger appears, when you become sick and don't feel like it, you still stick to your routine.
Someone who is disciplined doesn't need to ask himself every time why he does it. He just keeps sticking to his routine.
Hope you like my blogpost. Let me know what your morning routine is in the comment section or on my social media!
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