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I had a client once, a girl who wanted to be a clothing designer. She used to work in an office. Unfortunately this was not her dream.
She wanted to design clothes, and she thought, 'if I want to do that then I need to go to the university for 6 years, after that I need to practice and then I need to find a job and then I can finally work as a designer'.

I asked her why do you delay your dream for six years? Do you want to do it now? If so then start now! There is no need for a degree to create clothes! You can perfectly paint, you can do it with your hands, go find work. Ask a designer to be his/her assistant. Hustle here and there. If you realize that you need this education then apply for the university! Take designer courses, improve yourself.

Don't delay your dream even if it seems that it might take awhile.
There is no reason to start doing it after six years, she responded. 'No', I reacted, ' if you want to do this then do it now. Why are you making your path more complicated?'

Fast forward to today, she has her own designing studio, and she is very grateful how one conversation can change her whole life for the better!
Just focus on the things which would bring you to your goal as soon as possible! Good luck!

Another client I had, he had almost the same problem as the designer girl from the previous post. He wanted to move to another country.
He had the idea that he needs to go to university first, get a degree. He thought he could only move there with a degree.
But that is not true because there are so many people who emigrated from their countries without graduating. But they do have skills and good professional qualities. They had the experience and then they moved.
Do not waste your time! Do something you really want. Don't take a couple years of time to prepare for it.

Focus on reaching your goal, not on the problems you might encounter along the way. There is always a shorter path.
Focus on finding the shortest way for yourself! Don't create. Don't create more problems. Don't make your path more complicated.
Live your dream life! If you want to get there faster, now is the best moment for it!

It's important to realize how many of our fears are virtual. Fear is just a forecast of the future that you give meaning to, and this attachment makes you anxious. Thoughts like, my company will close, everyone will turn away from me, all doors will close in front of me, my wife will leave me, and other social drama, it's the end! These are thought processes that create anxiety.

Being aware of that, gives you the opportunity to look at it from another perspective. So what if the company closes? Were there any other people who closed companies, and became successful? Have there been such cases in history? Of course there are, so this isn't the end! Detach yourself from your fears. This is just a mental exercise. Face your fears, and instead of living in it, analyze it. Let it go!

Successful people invest time, energy, and money in improving themselves. They visit seminars, have a coach, and network! Invest in yourself to become great at something. Something that you're really into and gives you purpose.
What fear have you overcome and how did you end up feeling afterwards? Let me know in the comment section or on my social media.
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