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You do not get rich by having ideas, you get rich by making them a reality
Creating your reality through your ideas, seems easy right?
But not for everyone.
If you have trouble creating your reality then keep reading!

Create ideas
Thinking of ideas, you need to increase your creativity. Just write everything down, every idea that comes to mind. Get yourself a notebook, or a folder where you can store all your ideas for new projects, start-ups, businesses, or marketing strategies. It could be about anything.
This will help you focus on creating new things. If you don't write them down you'll quickly forget what your ideas were in the first place.
An easy trick I have for you so you won't procrastinate on your ideas is the ten minute rule.

If the task takes less than ten minutes, just do it now, because procrastination slows us down from achieving goals, and time is valuable.
Sometimes it is exhausting to keep going. You put a lot of effort into something and the results take time. Yet, the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that the former are patient, persistent and disciplined.

So don't waste your time and invest now in tomorrow's dream!!
If you don't know where you want to be in five years, you are already halfway there.
Make sure you have big goals, create the life you've always wanted! You don't need to know how exactly you're going to make it. You have to know one thing and that is the direction you are going towards.
If you're not working on your dreams, you're probably working on somebody else's.

Imagine that you are a ship that is floating in the darkness and you only have the lighthouse guiding you the way towards the island. They are your hints, that show you directions. Your future goals are your lighthouses.
You need to have your dreams planned ahead in life. The same way you plan for your road trip so you arrive at the right destination. Have your ideas planned for a couple of years into the future.

That way you will not get distracted and you keep staying focused, so you serve your own purpose in life.
If you don't serve yourself and don't work on making your dreams come true then you are making someone else's dreams come true. Someone who planned his life and set up lighthouses for himself.
I am thousands of times better than those who didn't start doing anything yet and so will you!

Realise your limiting belief system
Some people say: "I don't want to start this business, because there are already so many of them." How often do people stop themselves with this assumption? It is nothing but fear I will tell you that.

If the founders of KFC and Burger King had the same limiting belief system, we would still only have McDonald's. New restaurants would never have opened, because there are already so many of them, and they are so much better than mine. They are bigger, have more money, experience or other excuses that some people might give. We still see that new burger restaurants are being opened every day around the world!

They all used to be small. Nobody starts big. You should only compare today's self with your past self. Don't look at others. It may take them 20 years to achieve something. You can achieve your goals in two year if you just focus on yourself and stay persistent!

Believe in your vision
I know it is incredibly challenging in the beginning. But it is such a pure and great feeling when you don't give up and still make your dream happen! When you face your fears and still try to continue. You can't build a business if you aren't willing to risk anything.
If you make a small step towards your goal every day, you are already better than thousands of people who are still dreaming about something you're already doing.

Don't dream, live your dream!
Today! Now! Invest now in your future's dream!
What dreams do you have? Let me know in my comment section or on my social media!
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