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What does it mean to be confident within yourself?
Find out in my next paragraphs how you can become more confident.
Being confident means having the ability to do anything you want. Anything. You can achieve whatever you want, without having a bad thought that you might not achieve it.
Signs having a lack of confidence

"Nobody will ever appreciate what you do for free."

A person is designed in such an incredible way that only he appreciates the effort to achieve success. Everything that we get easily, especially for free will remain forever insignificant at a low cost.

A person who is constantly in poverty, who simply doesn't want to change anything doesn't want to make any useful actions for himself. He is staying comfortably in his comfort zone and doesn't want to get out. But at the same time he is complaining to others, and he is asking for alms. A person who has chronic health issues. And doesn't want to follow a healthy lifestyle, gives into bad habits, has no success in his personal life. He then blames others and doesn't even want to realize that the source of his problems are caused by his ego.

The list of examples is endless. You just need to change yourself. When a person makes the right decisions like starting to do something for himself. He has to take responsibility and nobody, and of course nobody really wants to take responsibility. It is so convenient to cry, to suffer and to blame others or that it is God's punishment for this kind of fate. Everything comes from your own mindset. Nobody causes you to be unhappy, happiness comes from within yourself. Nothing is a life sentence. You can change everything. You just need to step out of your victim role and come up with what you need to do in life. Find your own purpose. Once you find it, plan it. Create ideas and make them your goals. You will notice that the problems will disappear.

Helpful ways to build confidence

Of course there are some challenges if you want to gain confidence. Because when you are about to start something new, your brain starts looking for excuses to delay reaching your goals. You start telling yourself that you are too young or too old for achieving them. Or you are telling yourself that you don't know how to do it and not sure if you're going to succeed. The more you tell yourself that you can't do it. The more you're feeding on your self-doubt. You're focussing on your potential failing that's why you probably haven't accomplished something. This is what you're programming yourself for!

If you keep telling yourself phrases like: "I can do anything I want, I can do it, I can achieve it." You will "feed" your confidence. If you feel that the inner talk starts working, you should keep doing it more. You can do anything. Empower yourself. This way, you will notice that your energy will grow as well as your self-esteem. You will also start seeing that different areas of your life are capable of expanding!

If you analyze the highest results that you have achieved in your life, you will see that in those moments you were the most confident.
How to boost Self-Confidence by doing this exercise
Today I will share with you a very powerful exercise to increase your self-esteem by using one of the strongest NLP techniques. Sit down comfortably, focus and let's do it together!

1. We all have moments in life in which we succeed at something, some of us have either won a competition, have performed perfectly on stage, made good investments, are the best at something in school or university, or at work and so far and so on. Just think about the first memory of your success that came to your mind now. Keep thinking about it. At that exact moment, you were feeling the most confident in yourself. You have felt the most positive about your future and the most confident in your skills.

2. Keep that memory in your mind and try to remember now. How did you feel? Where did you feel it? What were you thinking about at that moment? What were you wearing? Who was with you? What did you hear? Think about the sounds for example the laughs, the talks, the applause. What did you smell in that experience? Feel all the sensations in your body, and try to remember as many details as you can about them!

3. Now you are fully present in that moment, feeling confident. Keep it. Close your eyes and make that feeling expand to your whole body, to the whole room where you are right now, to the whole building, city, region, country, earth! Fill the whole planet with your confidence. Don't be 100 % confident but be 1000 % confident!

4. Now that you are feeling this big level of confidence in every cell of your body. Give this feeling a short "word" that you will associate yourself with. For example if it was a memory of how you won a singing competition, you can name it "The Voice".

5. You just made an anchor to the confidence. Whenever you need to feel confident, trigger yourself with the "word" you just gave that feeling. And every time you say that word you will feel the confidence in your life. Repeat this exercise for a couple of times to achieve better results.
It was a very strong technique that I learned myself. And if you think so too, then let's spread this knowledge with as many people as possible!
The message is not only about success and wealth. It is about the need to develop yourself and live in harmony with the universe. Because imbalance in nature leads to difficulties in life.
Tell me about your best achievement and how it has affected your life in the comment section or my social media.
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