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How to come out of your comfort zone
Today I want to elaborate on an important question, the fear of change. How to overcome it and why it is so difficult to succeed overcoming it. Read further to know how you can overcome your fear of leaving your comfort zone.

We are all striving for new goals or new results, more money, bigger success. But when we are on the path to those new goals, we experience inner resistance. We do one step forward and then one step back. We delay important tasks until "the better time comes". We replace them and do less important things first instead of prioritizing those that truly matter. Experiencing inner "brake", it is something that slows us down. All this is related to the fear of change. Despite the big desire to succeed, we still want to succeed without changing anything in our life. Yes, that is called staying in your comfort zone.

When you move forward, you need to let the "old" go. For example to get from island A to island B you need to sail from one moor to another. You can't stay on the same island and moor to another at the same time. The same thing goes for success.

Most people want to stay on the same island and still have the benefits of another. It is impossible doing so. People don't want to change, they just want to upgrade and add something on top of the things they already have like more money or more happiness or more joy. But no. "I don't want to exchange something I have now for something bigger."

Where does the fear of change come from?

Very simple, change is always a step closer to the unknown. The unknown to our brain is a danger zone. Because a comfort zone is well known for you. You understand how things work, how people behave and so on. Making new steps to the future while you don't understand the rules, is an unknown zone.

We have a reptile part in our brain, it is the most ancient and the oldest part of our brain that is responsible for our safety. It is programmed to protect us from a threat to survival.
It is an ancient mental function. It is there to defend and to protect ourselves from the unknown. This is the reason why despite a big desire to move forward we are (our reptile part of a brain) resisting the new change.

What should we do? How can you overcome the fear of change and get out of the comfort zone?

Learn, is the classical method you can use like reading books, googling. When you have the knowledge your brain starts to build your future automatically. And you start to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. To get more clarity about it, gives you more confidence about what you are doing. It is decreasing the anxiety level. It makes you feel more "prepared". Don't fall into the learning trap, it happens when you keep learning constantly and never start to do anything.

Have the will power. Just do it! It is when you aren't afraid of doing something that you actually start getting into action. You will start making more mistakes, that's when you shouldn't give up, continue anyway. Every failure will make you stronger. Some people quit their jobs and start a new business. Then they quit their job, but the business doesn't work as planned. Although, they have made a mistake by quitting their jobs, they still keep moving forward and get through the difficulties anyway.
Trainings and seminars are the safest ways and that's why they're popular and good. It is a place where you can safely make all those experiments on yourself or on your behavior. You can also try to do something different without risks, because it doesn't have any grave consequences.
That's why people who attend trainings or seminars that have mentors and coaches are investing in their knowledge. And through this they achieve bigger results!

The last advice I am giving to you today is having the desire to achieve a new goal.

It will inspire you even more and make you even less afraid. Your fear of change drops. AT this stage it is very important to know what you want to do exactly. Set your goals up correctly. Have the passion to achieve your goals. It doesn't even matter what consequences will follow up. This shouldn't scare you anymore.

By following these steps you will be able to reach your goals without fear.
Tell me about your experiences with changes and how have you responded to them, in the comment section or on my social media.
Thank you for reading my blogpost. Don't forget nothing is going to change until you are willing to take that risky step outside.
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